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Sol y Luna Birth Work

Full-spectrum support, rooted in tradition &

DIY culture

We are based in beautiful Siskiyou County
in Northern California. Virtual sessions available. 
Se habla español.


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Birth Services

Support During Pregnancy & Birth

In-person and Virtual Prenatal sessions that support the pregnant person with empowering education, birth and postpartum preparation and community connection. 

We are currently supporting births on a case by case basis with limited capacity.

Sol y Luna Birth Work prioritizes BIPOC, single parents, teenagers & formerly incarcerated folks.


Please reach out for more information.

This Includes

3-4 Prenatal Sessions

Labor Comfort Measures

Nutrition Advice

Birth Planning

Lactation Education

Birth support

(Hospital, Birth Center & Home Setting)

Presence from when you call

to 4 hours after birth

Postpartum Healing in Community

Your journey into parenthood is sacred and requires the support of an entire community. Too often we are left alone in the vulnerable weeks after birth. During this time, your body and spirit require immense care and support in order for you to thrive. We can work together to create community and/or remind the communities we come from their responsibility in ensuring your wellness. 

This Includes

Ongoing Support 48 hours Postpartum to

6 Weeks Postpartum

4-12 Visits

​Herbal Remedies For Healing

Honoring La Cuarentena

Food Medicine as Delivery

Newborn Care Support

Lactation Support

Postpartum Belly Binding

Motivating Force

  First and foremost, this work is sacred and  must always be honored as such. We thank the ancestors, abuelitas y abuelitos who have maintained these traditions despite hundreds of years of colonization.

It is in their steps that we follow.

  Sol y Luna Birth Work provides physical, mental and emotional support to people in in their birthing & postpartum journey. This includes full term birth, miscarriage and stillbirth. You all have the right to heal. 


You have the right to choose whether or not you are ready to conceive. Sol y Luna can provide you with necessary information to make these decisions, without bias and without judgement.


I do this work because I believe empowerment of birthing people is foundational for the empowerment of the next generation. When our babies are born into an environment filled with love, that is the first emotion they feel upon arrival earth side. I do not doubt then that it is love that they carry deep within their spirit for the rest of their waking lives.

Click here to get to know me better.

birth worker of color doulas of color xicana doula indigenous birth traditional birth
birth worker of color doulas of color xicana doula

Additional Offerings

We are open to supporting you in additional ways outside of the standard full-spectrum doula exchange.

Birth Story Listening &

Zine Art Therapy 

We hold knowledge in holding space for group gatherings and in leading workshops on the following topics:

Girl Power! a Series of Classes that

Provide a Safe, Empowering Space for Young Girls 

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