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Zines With Sol Distro: Call Out For Zines

Friends, family and community, I'm happy to announce the birth of Zines With Sol Distro.

contact to be a part of the distro

Zines With Sol is a distro of zines by and for POC parents, family and community raising the seeds of tomorrow. My hope is to have this distro be a direct resource for folks who are choosing to walk the path of consciousness and high spirit in community with one another. This should be a platform for the voices who are not included in brochures and commercials and children's books: the chosen families that don't share the same blood, QTPOC, teen parents, the home birth and abortion advocates. All languages are welcome.

You will also find zines that focus on the autonomy of the body, including topics such as abortion, birth work, consent and the unschooling of our children.

Got a zine that you'd like to add to the distro?

Contact me to be a part of the family!

Below you will find the nitty gritty info.

I'm down to purchase 10 zines at 60% of what you sell them for!

I'll ask the same price that you do online but when I table in person, I usually ask sliding scale prices for all my zines. If this is cool with you, great! If not, I can price yours as you ask.

We will ship zines via snail mail but I can pay you using Paypal and/or Venmo.

Any questions?


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