"zines and birthwork

motherhood and poetry 

they are synonymous to me.

they are each acts

of love and creation

taking steps toward liberation."

- Brenda Montaño

Zines with Sol      is a platform that shines light on DIY media creations focused on liberation parenting, body autonomy, radical birth work and decolonial medicines. As a mezcla of Zines Rasquache & Sol y Luna Birth Work, Zines With Sol serves as a resource for empowering education meant to dismantle systems of oppression, for uplifting voices often silenced, and to serve as a reflection of the beauty that persists within all of us.  


Lets build

Zines with Sol

Sol y Luna Birth Work

Explore and purchase zines from both

Zines Rasquache and

the Zines with Sol Distro.

Postpartum services to promote holistic healing based on empowerment, choice and traditional Mexican medicine.  


Home for stories, interviews, articles,

creative writing & poetry; highlights of other dope DIY media makers,

all curated by Brenda Montaño.


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