"zines and birthwork

motherhood and poetry 

they are synonymous to me.

they are each acts

of love and creation

taking steps toward liberation."

- Brenda Montaño

Zines with Sol      is a platform that shines light on DIY media creations focused on pregnancy, birth work and abortion; parenting, unschooling and how we can raise our children and ourselves towards liberation. It is the mesh of two existing projects: Zines Rasquache and

Sol y Luna Birth Work. As a mezcla, its aim is to be a hub for activity- serving as a resource for empowering education meant to dismantle systems of oppression, for uplifting voices often silenced, and to serve as a reflection of the beauty that persists within all of us.  


Lets build

Zines with Sol

Sol y Luna Birth Work

Explore and purchase zines from both

Zines Rasquache and

the Zines with Sol Distro.

Birth preparation education based on empowerment and choice; Postpartum services to promote holistic healing. 


Home for stories, interviews, articles,

creative writing & poetry; highlights of other dope DIY media makers,

all curated by Brenda Montaño.


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