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The Zine Doula

Whatever you choose, we will support your zine vision.

The Zine Doula is here to support you in your zine creation process.

Whether you are searching for guidance in your design or needing someone to create a zine for your organization, we are here to support. 

The Zine Doula is an action that bridges Zines With Sol and the heart of 

Sol y Luna Birth Work into one. Writing, creating, remembering, speaking our stories is as powerful and life changing as birth. We are all deserving of healing processes, of gifting our prolific spirits with the attention we need.

Thank you for trusting me to guide this moment with you and

helllll yeah, you are going to make a zine!


What We Offer

1) The Zine Doula: available for support & guidance at all stages of your zine creation process. We will meet you where you’re at to give you tips, tricks and ideas to ensure the birth of your zine. 

2) Doula Turns Co-Parent: You got the 40-hour work week plus the gym membership, community organizing meetings and your abuelita that needs you. You really need a co-parent to help you get this zine alive and moving. Let us help you by taking the lead in the creation and production process.

What We Don't Offer*

1) Physical Printing of the Zine: You may have the hook up for that organic, no sulfate baby lotion that makes your zine smooth as butter that we don’t have. Utilize that printer sitting in your office! Printing will be your responsibility but we are here for technical assistance and guidance for more affordable printing.


2) Zine Assembly: Like the joy that is brought with your baby’s first smile, putting together your zine is one of the most fulfilling elements of zine creation! Make it a communal thing and get your fam involved. Make it a teachable moment! You will have access to our zine assembly tips videos and of course we are available for any questions you may have.

* If you are semi-local, this may not apply to you.

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