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Yes Sex: Everything I Wish I Knew About Sex Before Having It

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Yes Sex is one of the cutest zines I've held in my hands. This 48-page pocket sized zine, with its poppin' pink cover and font, is filled with necessary matter-of-fact statements that discusses the act of sex with casual neutrality. It provides sample scripts for sensitive topics, encourages self-exploration and understanding, and promotes respect and communication above all.

Grace Talice Lee is an educator, writer and artist based in San Jose, Califas.

She hid copies of this zine in the library at Cupertino, CA. The city is known to most of the world as the birthplace of Apple Inc, but it's also her hometown. About 70% of the kids here – including Grace – come from households of Asian immigrants, often with conservative and rigid views on sexuality. Zines were slipped into the teen section, in love stories marketed to young women.

In her words,
"I hope the project is found by those who need it."

Check out some more of her amazing work here.

Find her on instagram @gracetalicelee

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